Format Kitap
Barkod 9781587132612
Yayın Tarihi 2010-12-30
Yayın Dili İngilizce
Baskı Sayısı 1.Baskı
Sayfa Sayısı 384
Kapak Karton
Kağıt 2.Hamur
Boyut 225 X 285

Emeği Geçenler :
Yazar   : Kolektif

Cisco Networking Academy

Your Cisco Networking Academy Course Booklet is designed as a study resource you can easily read, highlight, and review on the go, wherever the Internet is not available or practical:

The text is extracted directly, word-for-word, from the online course so you can highlight important points and take notes in the Your Chapter Notes section.

Headings with the exact page correlations provide a quick reference to the online course for your classroom discussions and exam preparation.

An icon system directs you to the online curriculum to take full advantage of the images embedded within the Networking Academy online course interface and reminds you to perform the labs, worksheets, interactive activities, Packet Tracer activities, and chapter quizzes.

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